Unfinished. It might bug at some points. Just kill the robots wanting to steal your precious minerals, useful for your ship if you want to go off this planet.

Release date Jul 03, 2017
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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Made withConstruct
Tagsjungle, minerals, Robots, sentry
Average sessionA few seconds

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the rock is tiny. am i a mini-sentry defending a useless rock from spycrabs?

Waw graphiquement il tue !

Hi, some feedback :)

1. On Firefox, this page shows a black box instead of the iframe.

To workaround the error, I looked at the page components, found the iframe source, and loaded it into a separate tab:


2. I couldn't hear any sound.

3. Choosing ESC for shop isn't a good idea for a HTML5 game, ESC normally allows the user to get out of fullscreen.

4. Whats the difference between METAL and MINE?

5. Shooting crabs is kinda fun!

6. Eventually the game ran out of crabs, is that intentional?

7. The crabs look tasty, can I eat them ...

Good luck in the game dev!

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Thanks a lot!
2. Indeed, there's no sound at all. In a next update maybe.
4. MINE is the actual minerals below your sentry. The blue thingies. It'll decrease as soon as the robots steal some. METAL is what you obtain once you kill a robot. It helps you upgrading your sentry.
6. No, probably a bug at some points. As it's an unfinished game, I didn't make it perfect.
7. yes :D

You pointed out some good points, I'll fix them, thanks again!